Fall Semester goals and progress

Here we are, almost 4 weeks into the semester and I am finally sharing my goals.  I decided to try my hand at making goals for work, family, and personal this fall:


  1. write EVERY week day for at least one hour (so far, so good on that one, amazingness b/c I’ve tried this before and quickly failed as soon as classes started)
  2. schedule my time and stick to it (also so far so good)
  3. dedicated research day–I have one afternoon a week set aside to do research and I request that my research students are in the lab at the same time in case anything comes up (also so far so good partially b/c I have a much smaller lab group this semester, only 4 students, and can I just say I am loving it–why did it take so long for this to occur to me?!)


  1. monthly date night (I’ve been saying I would do this one for 4 years)
  2. do something cool with the kiddos (this one is unfortunately vague, working on it)
  3. family dinner every night (so far so good, thanks to some a cookbook mag from mom and checking out a copy of the fresh 20 cookbook from the library)


  1. HYDRATE (I *never* drink water, trying to start every week day by chugging at least 16oz of the stuff; so far so good–though not perfect–I am actually finding I like water)
  2. walk outside for 30 minutes every week day (utter fail so far, today I brought my walking shoes to the office from home in hopes that I can try to make it happen)
  3. go home at 4:30pm every week day (50/50 record on this one; on the flip side, I’ve been really good at not answering student emails after this time–now if I could only stop looking at them)

What about you–do you make goals for the semester?  the year?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments.


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