SERIOUSLY?!…We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming for a slight rant

Dear college student,

I am sorry that you can’t be bothered to read my emails if they are longer than one line of text and do not contain graphics or animations.  In the courtesy email reminder I sent on Friday afternoon (well before I left campus for the weekend), I stated that presentation groups should be no more and no less than 3 persons.  This is information that is also written on the guidelines for presentations posted on the class webpage and was stated in class on the first day.  I’m also sorry that I did not respond to the email you sent me on Sunday afternoon when you decided to begin working on your presentation until I was back in my office this morning.  Now you’ve sent me an email asking me what I think you should do since you have found two new people to work with and ditched the person you were working with on Sunday.  I realize that in your email asking what you should do now, you stated that you had emailed that person to inform them that they were now ditched, but I guess you now feel as if you should do more and that’s why you reached out to me.  I’m sorry that I don’t know what you should do, but in reality this is not my problem.


Your Professor (not babysitter)


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