I’m back? Update!

I am so sorry to have gone radio silent on you for the last 6 months.  Let me start by saying on July 1 we got rid of the internet at our house so needless to say I wasn’t spending my work days blogging or going in on the weekends to do so.  I am also about to embark on my first sabbatical and trying to limit my internet distraction so I can’t promise I’ll be a regular writer, but I will try!!!

So what’s been going on for the last 6 months?

1. Summer research ended alright.  My research students did find a difference between our control and experimental groups (yay!) but they only had n of 2 and the one student who continued the project during the fall didn’t do jack diddly squat more with it (boo hiss).  Fortunately, I incorporated this project into my upper level lab course in the fall and one student became enamored with it and is hopefully crunching numbers right now (fingers crossed!)

2. I’ve been a busy bee in the lab this fall.  I didn’t exactly stay on track with the plan I had over the summer because I received the reviews from my grant and have been busily attempting to garner the preliminary data they asked for so I can resubmit sooner rather than later (my hopeful submission date is Feb 2015).  One of the reasons I was able to do any consistent lab work is that I was granted a course release for a mentoring project I am engaged in so that was a very welcome surprise gift.  After my sabbatical I am hoping I can keep up the good work.


4. And the final update is that one of my colleagues in my department just found out that s/he is not being granted tenure.  Needless to say this has me a little razzled so I am reevaluating my sabbatical plans to ensure that I am safe when I come up next year.  Basically I need to revise the paper I submitted this summer and ensure that it doesn’t get rejected again and need to revise/resubmit the grant I submitted last year (the one planned for Feb) and ensure that it doesn’t get rejected again.  Doable right?  If there was a way that I could get a second manuscript submitted that would be golden (I’ve got experiments in the works…)  This experience is definitely showing me the myth that when people don’t get tenure they always know it is FALSE!

How about you?  Have you ever been under the gun to make the impossible possible?  What’s your best advice for getting stuff done in a hurry?


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